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Nutritional advice

Nutrition underpins all holistic treatments: without the correct fuel your body cannot be expected to function at its best.

It is about far more than just eating a balanced nutritious diet - it is crucial to understand and improve our capacity to absorb available nutrients and become more successful at removing toxins from the body. Incorrect nutritional input leads to any number of disease symptoms and eventually to chronic conditions such as obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes.


Nutritional and lifestyle analysis is fundamental to the healing process and any necessary adjustments are recommended to fit in with your current commitments.  A nutritional programme may include supplementation to help achieve the optimum requirements for your circumstances. Optimum nutrition is the baseline for optimal health.

£90  Allow 2 hours


“Change your diet:

change your life.”

Julie C Haigh MCThA

'Natural Nutrition' Consultation

An in-depth consultation to establish your health history, current health issues and to start to look at some initial dietary and lifestyle changes. 90mins  











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'Natural Nutrition' Follow-up Session

Advice on nutrition, supplements and therapeutic techniques related to your individual health issues. 60mins


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Cancellations Policy

Appointments cancelled within 24 hours of appointment time and missed appointments, must be paid for in full at the earliest available opportunity.

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