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Emotional Healing

This is a unique healing modality which aims to release emotions triggered by trauma experienced in this and past lives.

Lifetimes of suppressing emotions can result in any number of disease symptoms and chronic conditions.

By Identifying and clearing these emotions it can help toward healing these conditions as well as modern life injuries and fears.

We are all unique.  No guarantees can be made as to time taken or depth of healing to happen. 

You will only release what you are ready to realase.  Change what you are ready to change.

A single session will make great inroads to your healing, however 3 sessions are recommended to delve deeper and explore your healing journey.

After a brief consultation the hands on healing session is carried out fully clothed on a treatment couch.

Allow 2 hours per session

Single session £70

Course of 3 sessions £180

“Heal your emotions:

Heal your life.”

Julie C Haigh MCThA

Cancellations Policy

Appointments cancelled within 24 hours of appointment time and missed appointments, must be paid for in full at the earliest available opportunity.

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